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We are sisters and two dedicated youths who believe in living with our eyes wide open. We care about the condition of our world, especially the challenges that youth face today.  If one sees a humanitarian need or the need to create change to bring about sustainable harmony to any situation, stepping up peacefully and ethically to take action and meet that task, is, we believe, a moral responsibility.

Youth have valuable insights and have the power to bring about real change in their world. Statistics show that the youth determine, for the most part, what the media will promote in the entertainment industry and what will be made and sold in most marketplaces all around the world. If we, the Youth, have this kind of influence on how our world thrives economically, then we also have the power to create and bring about meaningful and significant change in our schools and in all environments that concern us.

Knowing this, in 2013, we decided to create and publish a community generated global online magazine. In every issue we publish we reach out to the hearts of young people, around the world, about such topics as health, style, issues youth face; how to overcome them and to be inspired to have a voice in our future.  WE-BE magazine features stories that bring hope and inspiration to young people all around the globe.

Olivia & Megan


Megan Praat: Megan, age 18, has been involved with Youth Leadership Programs in her schools since 2008. She has been involved in the Scout program of Canada since the age of 10. Megan has been an “A” honors student for most of her school career, and was the Student Body President her Senior year of high school. She also sat on the School Board as a Student Representative Council Member; she serves in her community and has 100’s of hours of volunteer work for a number of organizations both local and global. She and her sister Olivia started WE-BE Magazine, a youth advocate inspirational online magazine, which is now going into its fourth evolutional year. Megan was awarded, along with 11 other college scholarships, the Cmolik Foundation Scholarship and awarded the highest honors for her work in service. She will be attending her first year of University, studying business and psychology. Megan cares deeply about the community she was born and raised in, and feels strongly about being involved with the direction in which it’s growing and evolving.

Olivia Jensen: Olivia, age 16, has been involved with all that is ‘the arts’ since she was 4--drawing, singing, dance and drama. Olivia volunteers as a mentor for elementary students for her local community’s art and drama programs, the Chilliwack Cultural Center and the Chilliwack Arts Council of which she is a member. She has been a valuable part of the leadership programs throughout her school years. She is the Vice President of the African Relief Club at her high school. She and her sister Megan financially support one young mother to complete her schooling, in her native land of Tanzania, so she can go on to achieve more at life and most of all, maintain her freedom while being a mother. Olivia has adopted the community garden, in the historic part of Chilliwack, which is linked to the local soup kitchen. She fell in love with the idea of it being a garden of peace and art. She’s begun to beautify it and would like to bring her plan to fruition – to make it a green, thriving, sustainable, low cost green produce producer; not only to help feed the inner city people who are in need, but to educate them on how to grow their own produce, feel like they are a valuable part of their community, and take pride in their city. Olivia has a peace program that she’s putting together which will bring more awareness about peace and community involvement into the schools in her local district as well as globally. Read about Chilliwack, an International City of Peace.

Our magazine generates support for charities and causes we are passionate about, in our community and abroad. We work to bring more awareness and understanding to our community leaders about topics that are current and future concerns for the youth of today. We continue to strive to make our goals a reality in our community, the nature that surrounds it, and in the World.

WE-BE Magazine features current topics, fashion styles, fun ideas, interviews with leading edge creators, and inspirational stories about how the youth of our world are stepping up and stepping out to help create a peaceful more sustainable world.

Our WE-BE mission is to rise up to live and be Inspirational, Responsible, and Accountable youth who take Action in our world to create healthy change with and for the youthful hearts of humanity in our community--locally, globally and for the next generations of young people to come. We do hope you will enjoy WE-BE’s online magazine.

Alina Konevski, a reporter from the Chilliwack Progress wrote an article entitled, “Local teens launch their own magazine” about the girls and the WE-BE Magazine.

If you have any ideas or thoughts you would like to share with us, please visit the contact us page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!


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