The 5th International City of Peace in Canada

The 5th International City of Peace in Canada


Our foundation and our mission is:
   -to rise up to live Peacefully;
   -to be Inspirational, Responsible and Accountable Youth in our community;
   -to take ACTION in our community (locally and globally) to create a healthy culture that will support sustainable Peace in our City and for the next generation of youth.

    “Leave every person place and thing that you meet along the way in life,
    more beautiful than the way you found them.”

~ Samuel, our Great Grandfather ~

Olivia and Megan on top of Mt. Cheam, looking over the city of Chilliwack

Olivia and Megan on top of Mt. Cheam, looking over the city of Chilliwack


We are sisters and two dedicated youths who believe in living with our eyes wide open. We care about the condition of our world, especially the challenges that youth face today.  If one sees a humanitarian need or the need to create change to bring about sustainable harmony to any situation, stepping up peacefully and ethically to take action and meet that task, is, we believe, a moral responsibility.

Youth have valuable insights and have the power to bring about real change in their world. Statistics show that the youth determine, for the most part, what the media will promote in the entertainment industry as a culture or a mind-set; to what will be made and sold in most marketplaces-- all around the world. If we, the Youth, have this kind of influence on how our world thrives economically, then we also have the power to create and bring about meaningful and significant change in our schools and in all environments that concern us.

Our Vision is to create a culture of Peace and Creativity in our city of Chilliwack.  Although our schools, work places, job descriptions and personal interests may be different, we as a community of people are not separate-- we are all the stewards of this beautiful land called Chilliwack.

We would like to bring more awareness about our city being one which stands for peace, so that culture will spread through every home, school and workplace in our city.

We hope to beautify our city with peaceful art, urban sustainable green spaces, and have a Peace Park soon – all as symbolic expressions of what our city values.


Our goals for our local community of Chilliwack are:

  • To first ask our City Council to support our efforts to bring about more awareness locally about Chilliwack now being the 5th International City of Peace in Canada. We are asking them to fully endorse and support this new title when promoting Chilliwack to set a peaceful tone for our ever-expanding city.  We ask that they share this message, letting all who come to live in, do business in or visit our beautiful city and the vast Nature that surrounds it, know that Chilliwack stands for Peace.
  • Secondly, we would like our City Council to consider reinstating the idea of Proclamations and adopt the Peace Proclamation, thus opening the doors to other community members and groups to get more involved with their city on this and other important issues that concern our community.
  • Thirdly we will be asking our City Council to support and move to rename the 5 Corners Park or Princess Lane, in our old historic district, the 5 Corners Peace Park or Peace Lane.


Working with the Chilliwack Arts Council and the Chilliwack Cultural Center, Olivia would like to organize an art exhibition and juried mural project in town—entitled the, “Peace Mural Project”.  This will give our city more appeal as a destination as well as highlighting Chilliwack as a peaceful, fun, cultural, and diverse community, which we are.

The Community Urban Garden Project-- plans in progress.

The “Youth In Action Challenge”—Olivia and Megan asked all Youth across the globe to step up and take a stand for Peace in their schools and in their towns or cities by making their home town an International City of Peace.

We will be introducing a project proposal for an annual educational day (September 21st – International Day of Peace) solely dedicated to the awareness of Peace.  Topics and discussion will include questions like “What does Peace look like in your schools, in your community, and ultimately, with self?”  We hope that each school will get involved, and one day have their own educational programs and an awareness day on the topic of Peace. We hope to see each school in our city have their own Peace Pole, showing that they are an official “Peace Zone”.

We will keep our page updated as we make progress
To visit our webpage at the International Cities of Peace website here is the link.

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